For some people, last summer’s big Heat news centered around NBA star LeBron James “taking his talents” to Miami. This summer, the NBA is in a lockout, so let’s focus on a different kind of heat: that of the current heat wave, breaking records all across the Midwest and into the East Coast.  

Earlier this week, my colleague Andrew Freedman, writing for the Capital Weather Gang, pointed out that so far this month, more than 960 daily high temperature records have been tied or broken across the country. On top of that, there were 12 all-time highest temperature records set in Arkansas, Kansas and Oklahoma.

Already, the heat wave is posing a large public health threat, especially for children and the elderly. The scorching temperatures are linked to 22 deaths and this number is likely going to increase as temperatures remain blisteringly high through the rest of the week.

The heatwave also brings threat of blackouts, and electric utility Con Edison predicts that power usage in the New York area will hit an all time high as air conditioners get turned on in flurry to combat the sweltering temperatures. 

Even though the heat wave will hold a lot of Americans hostage indoors (clinging to their air conditioners to keep cool), above you’ll see a a wide range of photos from across the country illustrating how people — and man’s best friend — are beating the heat.

Photo Credits (From Left to Right, Top then Bottom): Eric Ward, Chris DipasqualeWalter PurvisLiliana Martinez, Kevin Fishel